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170 Degree Self-closing Inserta Overlay Hinge Pack of 4

170 Degree Self-closing Inserta Overlay Hinge Pack of 4

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The wide-angled hinge is a versatile solution for full overlay cabinet doors, boasting an expansive 170-degree opening angle. This free swing hinge is designed for doors that need to swing wide open without resistance. It features a zinc hinge cup with a sleek nickel-plated finish and is built for easy installation with the INSERTA assembly system.

The hinge is constructed with precise dimensions, including a flange width of 65mm, length of 30.5mm, and a height of 7.2mm. The hinge cup has a standard 35mm boring diameter, with mounting holes of 8mm diameter placed 45mm apart. The eccentric location of the mounting holes allows for a 9.5mm adjustment to perfectly align the hinge cup.

The zinc arm of the hinge, also nickel-plated, provides a durable support, with a collision measurement of 65mm, ensuring it maintains its position once fixed. It offers side adjustments of +/- 2mm and depth adjustments of +3/-2mm, handled with a spiral screw for ease and precision. Pack of 4

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