How to install or replace door hinges

To correctly position your hinges, first, determine where they should go on both the door and the frame. For most doors, you'll need two hinges, one about 7 inches from the top of the frame and the other approximately 11 inches from the bottom. If you're using a third hinge for heavier doors, place it between the other two, slightly off-center.

Next, place your hinge on both the door and the frame, tracing around it with a carpenter's pencil to mark its outline. Make sure the depth of the hinge on the frame matches the thickness of the hinge itself.

Now, it's time to cut the mortise, which involves chiseling out the wood in the shape of the hinge. Use a sharp chisel and hammer to carefully remove thin strips of wood, being cautious not to cut too deep.

After cutting the mortise, mark the screw locations on both the frame and the door, then drill narrow pilot holes for the screws. Ensure the screws stay in place by tapping them lightly before inserting them.

With the pilot holes drilled, reinstall the hinges and secure them into place with a drill or screwdriver. Finally, connect the door to the frame by aligning the hinge plates and sliding the hinge pins into place. Test the door to ensure it opens and closes smoothly, and you're done!
How to install or replace door hinges
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