How to install Cabinet door hinges

Learn how to easily install Blum hinges on your cabinet doors with our step-by-step guide for installing soft close cabinet hinges. KJP offers three common styles of cabinet door hinges: 110°, 155°, and +45°, all equipped with Blumotion soft close technology. If you're new to assembling cabinet doors, you might have some questions. We'll address common queries and explain when each model is best used.

Installing Hinges on Cabinet Doors

Understanding Overlay, Half-Overlay, and Inset:

Full-overlay hinges cover the entire cabinet side with the door, ideal for single doors.
Inset hinges position the door flush with the cabinet opening.
Half-overlay hinges suit cabinets with two doors meeting in the center.

How Self-Closing Cabinet Hinges Work:

Self-closing hinges feature a spring mechanism that fully closes the door and keeps it shut without additional catches. Soft close, found in Blum hinges, acts as a dampener, preventing doors from slamming shut.

Drilling Holes for Cabinet Hinges:

Use a 35mm diameter drill bit to create a 13mm deep hole for the hinge body.
A self-centering bit is necessary for boring pilot holes for the screws.

Adjusting Cabinet Hinges:

These hinges allow for minor adjustments:

Vertical adjustment: Turn the indicated screw to move the door up or down.
In/out adjustment: Clockwise for pushing the door away, counterclockwise to pull it closer.
Side-to-side adjustment: Clockwise for left, counterclockwise for right.

Installing Different Hinges:

110° Hinges:
Begin with the door, locating the hinge body hole 22.5mm from the edge.
Drill 35mm diameter holes for the hinge body.
Pre-drill securing screws and fasten them through the hinge boss.
 Position the hinge mounting plate at the same height as the hinge, set back 37mm from the edge.
Attach the mounting plate and clip the hinge onto it.

155° Hinges:
Installation mirrors that of 110° hinges and is interchangeable.

+45° Corner Cabinet Hinges:**
Installation is similar, with the only difference being the shape of the hinge arms.

Blum soft close concealed hinges are ideal for kitchen cabinetry or furniture, offering easy installation and adjustment. Get the benefits of soft close with Blum hinges on your next door project.

How to install Cabinet door hinges
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