How to install ball bearing Drawer slides

To install cabinet drawers with ball-bearing slides, you'll need some tools and supplies. Here's a simplified guide:

Tools Needed:
- Kreg Drawer Slide Jig
- Drill and impact driver
- Clamps
- Kreg multi-mark tool
- Pencil

- Ball bearing drawer slides
- Drawer box
- Coverstock or cardstock paper
- Scraps of wood

Prepping the Cabinet for Drawers:
1. Ensure the cabinet's side is flush with the opening's side. If installing in face frame cabinets, additional work might be needed to align the slides.
2. Use plastic clips or add a strip of scrap wood inside the cabinet to align the slides with the face frame.

Taking Apart the Slides:
1. Pull the two pieces of the drawer slides apart.
2. Locate the black plastic tab on the inside of the drawer slide and pinch it to release the pieces.

Installing the Bottom Drawer Slide:
1. Use scrap wood pieces as spacers to position the slide at the bottom.
2. Drill pilot holes and attach the slide using screws.
3. Repeat the process for the other side of the cabinet.

Installing the Upper Drawer Slides:
1. Use the Kreg Drawer Slide Jig to position the slides correctly.
2. Clamp the jig in place.
3. Drill pilot holes and attach the slides using screws.
4. Repeat for each drawer.

Installing the Drawer Box:
1. Use the Kreg multi-mark tool to measure and mark the placement of the slides on the drawer box.
2. Drill pilot holes and attach the slides to the drawer box.
3. Slide the drawer box into the cabinet, ensuring the slides align properly.
4. Check the drawer for smooth operation.

Adjusting as Needed:
1. If drawers don't slide easily, adjust by adding shims or moving the slides slightly.
2. Test the drawers and continue tweaking until they operate smoothly.

Installing cabinet drawers with ball-bearing slides can be straightforward with the right tools and careful attention to detail. Adjustments may be needed, but with practice, you'll become more proficient at it.
How to install ball bearing Drawer slides
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